Our Fifty For 50 Campaign

2015 marks the 50th Anniversary for Smith, Currie & Hancock.  The firm is extremely grateful for the clients and employees who have contributed to its success for the past half-century.  As part of Smith Currie’s fifty year anniversary celebration the firm has commenced a community service campaign - Fifty for 50.   Its purpose is to share the firm’s success and longevity by giving back to the communities we serve.  Through its attorneys and staff in all seven of our national offices and with financing from our Smith Currie Foundation, the firm has committed to participating in fifty community service projects in 2015.  We are excited about the future of our firm, and look forward to continuing our community outreach initiatives for many years to come.  Please be sure to visit this page throughout the year to view pictures and write-ups for each of our Fifty for 50 events.

Our January 2015 events:

A group of Special Education students from Newnan High School were taken to Stevi B’s Pizza for a community-based instruction trip using funds donated from the Smith Currie Foundation.  The students were able to independently handle real-world tasks that most of us take for granted like ordering from a menu, selecting their own drink/pizza, and paying for their meal.  Through outings like these, the students are given the opportunity to learn real-world problem-solving and personal interaction skills within the communities in which they live.  Following the event, each participant was kind enough to send the firm personalized thank-you notes pictured in the banner image above.  We could not have asked for a more worthwhile endeavor to kick off our campaign than this one.  Well done, Newnan High!