We Wrote the Book. (Several, in fact)

Since our firm's inception, our lawyers have been committed to the education and advancement of the industries we serve though frequent writings on current legal topics.  Our published writings number in the hundreds and are pertinent to virtually all topics relating to construction and government contracting law.  Drawing on literally several hundred lawyer-years of experience, our firm published the seminal desk reference book Common Sense Construction Law.  Now in its Fourth Edition, our book is used by construction professionals throughout the industry, and it is also used as a textbook in many college construction programs.

Each year, our attorneys work with The Associated General Contractors of America to update The Construction State Law Matrix, one of the most comprehensive and concise resources available on the various state laws affecting publice and private construction projects. Topics covered in the matrix include updated state-by-state requirements for licensing, bidding, contracting, lien, payment and over 60 other related topics.   

In 2008, our firm authored Federal Government Construction Contacts to explain the intricacies of the federal construction contracting using the same lay-person's terms approach as Common Sense Construction Law.  Two years later, we authored Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition, to address the comprehensive and demanding new requirements for contractor ethics and compliance programs, increased federal agency use of varying project delivery methods and the requirements associated with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Co-authors Thomas Kelleher and Steve Reed explain the purpose and scope of our federal construction contracts treatise in the linked video

To assist contractors in the navigation of the complex and multifaceted regulatory environment of federal government contracting, Thomas Kelleher authored Federal Government Contractor: Ethics & Compliance Programs in 2009.  The book, sponsored by The Associated General Contractors of America, is specifically tailored to assist federal contractors in developing mandatory codes of business ethics and compliance measures and meeting strict disclosure requirements - all the result of federal regulations approved in 2008.

In 2010, Ernest Brown published California Infrastructure Projects: A Legal Handbook for Successful Contracting & Dispute Resolution, a comprehensive manual explaining the legal and practical aspects of planning, designing, bidding and building large infrastructure projects in the State of California.

In 2011, Gene Heady and Gregg Joy contributed to and served as co-editors of Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts, Third Edition, a 1221-page treatise containing recommended amendments to standard form contract documents including AIA, ConsensusDocs and EJCDC.  

In 2013, Smith Currie added to its highly rated resource books with publication of Federal Socio-Economic Policies.  Edited by Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr., the book was published and endorsed by the Associated General Contractors of America and serves as a Supplement to Smith Currie's Federal Government Construction Contracts, Second Edition, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Our decades-long commitment to authoring quality publications for the industries and clients we serve now extends beyond books.  This Spring, we proudly launched CommonSenseContractLaw.com, an online blog of short articles and commentary regarding the ever-changing world of contract law.  On our blog site, readers will also have access to current editions of our three specialty newsletters, Common Sense Contracting, Legal Briefs and Federal Concessions Contractor.